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Sunday November 30 2008
André Brasseur, Early Bird, Song, Video
France Gall, Zwei Apfelsinen im Haar, Song, Video
Ray Parker Jr, Ghostbusters, Song, Video
Blue Oyster Cult, Don't fear the reaper, Song, Video
Karen Cheryl, Les nouveaux romantiques, Song, Video
Richard Gotainer, Le youki, Song, Video
6220 kHz7H56Mystery Radio54444Music.
6400 kHz8H02Celtic Music Radio43333Music (celtic).
5800 kHz8H03Playback International53333Music (french, Karen Cheryl, Richard Gotainer at 13H40), french weekend.
6265 kHz8H38Premier Radio International34333Music.
5815 kHz8H45Orion Radio54444Music (Gainsbourg & Birkin, french songs). Thanks for the greetings !
6241 kHz8H56Radio Perfekt43333Music (christmas songs).
6201 kHz9H07Radio Dr Tim34333Music (France Gall), playing Andre Brasseur for Pacman at 10H09. Thanks for the greetings !
6220 kHz9H22Radio Marabu54433Music.
6210 kHz9H24Antonio Radio33333Music.
6303 kHz9H25???53333Music.
6205 kHz9H48DRP Radio54333Music (Edmond Tanière), chicken noise.
6305 kHz10H24Radio Brandaris54433Music ("Ghostbusters"). Thanks for the greetings !
6925 kHz11H59DRP Radio44333Music (Mike Oldfield), chicken noise.
6280 kHz12H18Radio Merlin43333Music (Blue Oyster Cult "Don't fear the reaper").
6260 kHz13H20Farmers from Holland33222Music.
6306 kHz14H12Farmers from Holland33322Music, giving sms number.
6205 kHz14H24DRP Radio54333Music (joddle).
6913 kHz14H31Bluestar Radio13231Music, 10 watts.
6325 kHz14H33Radio Pirelli33333Music, live from his car.
6377 kHz14H38Radio Dutchwing43433Music.
6553 kHz14H50Galaxy Radio33333Music (Jean-Michel Jarre).
1635 kHz19H13Radio Orban54333Music (Ace of Base "I saw the sign" at 19H04, "Parlez-vous français" at 19H15).

Saturday November 29 2008
Procol Harum, A whiter shade of pale, Song, Video
Elmer Food Beat, Daniela, Song, Video
Emmanuelle, Premier Baiser, Song, Video
John Lennon, Happy Christmas (War Is Over), Song, Video
4025 kHz7H37Laser Hot Hits44333Music ("Whiter shade of pale").
5800 kHz8H03Playback International54433Music (french, "Daniela" at 8H10, "Premier baiser" at 8H17, "Happy christmas war is over" at 9H28), french weekend with a very good choice selection of 80's french songs. JJ is "live" at 9H, and at 16H15. Thanks for the greetings !
6325 kHz8H19Radio Montecarlo34333Music.
6265 kHz8H32Radio Altrex43333Music ("Annie aime les sucettes" at 10H34). Broadcasting for China ! Thanks for the greetings !
6291 kHz8H54Rammstein Radio43333Music (Rammstein), with very gooood jingles !
6215 kHz9H16King Shortwaves22222Music.
6305 kHz9H34???32222Music (Edmond Tanière).
6241 kHz9H39DRP Radio43333Music (Edmond Tanière), chicken noise.
6205 kHz10H56DRP Radio33232Music, chicken noise. Thanks for the greetings !
6299 kHz11H42Delta Radio32222Music (Midnight Oil "Beds are burning").
6305 kHz12H19Radio Black Power43333Music ("Big in japan").
6300 kHz12H55Radio Black Power44333Music (Los Ketchup at 13H18).
6310 kHz13H03Lycos Radio33333Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6400 kHz14H45Celtic Music Radio42232Music.
1668 kHz19H41Radio Viking43333Music, with Tante Foek.
1655 kHz19H58Radio Barones54444Music, Baro is "live". Thanks for the greetings !
3936 kHz20H14Radio Baggerteam54444Music ("Hanky panky"). Thanks for the greetings !

Vendredi 28 Novembre 2008
5800 kHz16H30Playback International43333Music (french), french weekend.
1655 kHz18H41Radio Calypso34322Music.
3905 kHz19H20Radio Oscar Zulu33232Music.
3900 kHz19H29Radio Boomerang54433Music ("Jump").
3890 kHz20H48Free Radio Victoria33222Music.
3910 kHz21H07Radio Fox 4823222Music.

Thursday November 27 2008
6303 kHz14H54Radio Diana54444Music (pop, rock, The Shadows).

Wednesday November 26 2008
6220 kHz13H29Voice Of The Netherlands55433Music (Desireless "Voyage voyage").

Tuesday November 25 2008
6961 kHz15H40Transatlantic Broadcast International43343Music (christmas songs, Bianca). Thanks for the greetings !
3932 kHz16H36Bogus Man54333Music. Same show than last Sunday about orange juice.

Monday November 24 2008
6311 kHz10H06???44333Music (piano).
6280 kHz10H22???54444Music (rock'n'roll), test also on 6205-6250-6300.
6302 kHz10H42Transatlantic Broadcast International43333Music (old german vinyl discs).
6219 kHz14H27Bluestar Radio54444Music, 30 watts, delta loop antenna 23 meters height.
6925 kHz20H39Spider Radio13231USB, Music.

Sunday November 23 2008
Dean Martin, Let it snow, Song, Video
Heintje, Christmas songs, Song, Video
The War of the World, Song, Video
Jefferson Airplane, White rabbit, Song, Video
5800 kHz7H29Playback International55444Music (classical at 7H29). JJ is "live" at 16H00, Johnny Pimms was there in his blue pyjama at 17H00. Thanks for the greetings !
6325 kHz7H30Radio Lowland54444Music (Sting "English man in New York"), back at 12H14 for QSO with Dutchwing, playing the War of the Worlds at 12H53. I am doing a snow man at 12H34. Thanks for the greetings !
4025 kHz7H34Laser Hot Hits44333Music.
6400 kHz7H53Island Radio43333Music (The Clash "Should I stay or should I go").
5815 kHz8H06Orion Radio55444Music (Bruce Springsteen "Dancing in the dark"), playing Edmond Tanière at 8H38. Thanks for the greetings !
6266 kHz8H12Radio Scotland54444Music (Jefferson Airplane "White rabbit").
6205 kHz8H20DRP Radio53333Music (polka), playing Edmond Tanière at 8H40.
6285 kHz8H22Radio Quintus34333Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6265 kHz8H49Premier Radio International43333Music.
6215 kHz8H59King Shortwaves43333Music.
6525 kHz9H03???43333Music ("Mellow yellow").
6553 kHz9H08Galaxy Radio23222Music.
6326 kHz9H22???33333Music.
6210 kHz9H38Radio Waves International43333Music, talking about birthday.
6300 kHz9H45Radio Golfbreker33333Music (polka).
6241 kHz10H02Misti Radio32322Music, new station from Netherlands.
6305 kHz10H11Radio Pirelli33333Music (and church things during antenna tunning haha), transmitting from a car with a Kenwood TS-680S, 30-40 watts, 2.4 meters antenna !
6320 kHz10H21Radio Caroline Eifel31331Music.
6254 kHz10H27Britain Radio International33333Music.
6200 kHz10H29Radio Heintje44333Music (Heintje, christmas songs).
6307 kHz10H41Radio Brandaris53333Music.
6305 kHz10H45Radio Boomerang54444Music (Genesis), moved to 6300 at 10H46, 100 watts. Thanks for the greetings !
5817 kHz11H55Radio Morningstar33333Music.
6255 kHz11H58Radio Telstar South43333Music.
6310 kHz12H01Radio Condor43333Music.
6377 kHz12H17Radio Dutchwing44333Music, giving report to Lowland.
6140 kHz13H21Radio Gloria55544Music.
6305 kHz13H52Radio Brandaris54333Music.
9290 kHz14H01Radio Waves International55544Music (french).
6220 kHz14H15Mystery Radio54444Music. Chris is "live" at 16H15.
6200 kHz14H26DRP Radio32332Music. Moved on 6235 at 14H33, 43333.
6310 kHz15H02Voice Of The Netherlands54433Music.
3932 kHz15H42Bogus Man54444Music.

Saturday November 22 2008
Edith Piaf, La vie en rose, Song, Video
Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot, Je t'aime, Song, Video
Maurice Chevalier, Thank Heaven For Little Girls, Song, Video
5800 kHz7H53Playback International54444Music. JJ is "live" at 9H25, talking with all chatters and playing requests, and JJ called people by phone and put them on air (Miss Ikea from Sweden, Iann from France haha, Kevin Turner). Thanks for the greetings !
4025 kHz7H57Laser Hot Hits44333Music.
6255 kHz8H55Radio Altrex54333Music, with a special guest today : Johan the weatherman. Thanks for the greetings !
6305 kHz10H14Radio Boomerang42332Low power 50 watts, music.
6266 kHz10H43???55444Music (french), back at 13H20.
6300 kHz10H52???34333Music, dutch station.
6295 kHz10H54Radio Condor44333Music (Bob Dylan).
6307 kHz11H42Radio Zeelandia43333Music.
6268 kHz11H52DRP Radio43333Music.
6325 kHz12H59Radio Lowland54444Music (U2), 50 watts. Thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz13H35Radio Fox 4823222Music.
6205 kHz13H55DRP Radio54444Music, chicken noise.
6221 kHz14H13Radio Polkawelle53443Music (polka). Thanks for the greetings !
6265 kHz15H13Premier Radio International43333Music ("Captain of her heart").
9290 kHz20H01Radio Waves International44333Music.
6925 kHz20H17Spider Radio14331USB, music.
1660 kHz21H17Radio Viking43333Music (christmas), with Tante Foek.
1670 kHz23H20Radio Barones54444Music. Thanks for the greetings !

Friday November 21 2008
5800 kHz15H30Playback International53232Music, 5 watts.
6925 kHz20H47Spider Radio23332USB, music.
3932 kHz20H50???23232Music.
6553 kHz21H10Galaxy Radio43322Music, 54333 later.
1653 kHz22H16Radio Relmus43333Music (joddling).

Thursday November 20 2008
6280 kHz10H49Radio Merlin42332Merlin is back with a new antenna, 10 watts, music.
6307 kHz14H29Radio Zeelandia42332Music.
5800 kHz16H17Playback International54444Music, 50 watts.
3932 kHz21H23???33232Music (polka).
6991 kHz21H56Radio Bank 6933333Music.

Monday November 17 2008
Merry Christmas !
Radio Mistletoe
6260 kHz8H41Radio Altrex44333Music (France Gall "les sucettes" at 9H22, Heintje, Hanny en de rekels, "Jinglebells" at 11H10), 20 watts, was on 6270 sooner, and on 6255 after 9H00, testing on 6554 at 9H15 sinpo 33333. Thanks for the greetings !
6210 kHz8H42Radio Zulu Delta33232Music (christmas songs).

Sunday November 16 2008
Blondie, Sunday Girl, Song , Video
Peret, Borriquito, Song , Video
The Cranberries, Linger, Song , Video
Tokens, The lion sleeps tonight, Song , Video
5815 kHz8H06Orion Radio55555Music ("Moonlight shadow").
5800 kHz8H12Playback International55444Music, old US show.
6310 kHz8H13Radio Black Power55444Music (Blondie).
6285 kHz8H19Radio Paardenkracht44333Music ("All world in his hand").
6270 kHz8H22Radio Merlin53343Music. Someone cut the antenna cable at about 8H30...
6375 kHz8H23Radio Lowland53333Music.
6400 kHz8H24Radio Pionier53333Music.
6325 kHz8H24Radio Waves International43433Music.
6220 kHz8H27Mystery Radio55444Music, Chris is "live" at 10H00. Thanks for the greetings !
6306 kHz8H38Rammstein Radio44343Music (Rammstein).
6540 kHz8H47Radio Hamamelis34333Music ("Il borriquito" at 9H14).
6220 kHz9H00Radio Bluebell54444Music (Beatles, Craneberries "Linger" at 9H36), via Mystery.
3932 kHz9H09Bogus Man44433Music and talking.
6210 kHz9H15Antonio Radio54433Music ("My girl", "The lion sleeps tonight").
4025 kHz9H44Laser Hot Hits44333Music.
9710 kHz10H14MV Baltic Radio55444Music.
6307 kHz10H17Radio Hamamelis43333Music.
6255 kHz10H22???43322Music.
6240 kHz10H23Voice Of The Netherlands54333Music ("Voyage voyage").
6310 kHz10H28Grensstad Radio33333Music.
6257 kHz10H32Radio Zodiac53333Music.
6310 kHz10H36Radio Condor52332Music. On 6312 at 10H48.
6430 kHz10H44Free Radio Victoria44333Music ("Splish splash").
6300 kHz10H54Radio Brandaris44333Music (polka).
6991 kHz22H32Radio Bank 6933333Music.

Saturday November 15 2008
Carlos Paião, Playback, Song , Video
Edmond Tanière, Tout in haut de ch'terril, Song , Video
Rammstein, Feuer Frei, Song , Video
Elvis Presley, Wooden Heart, Song , Video
5800 kHz8H16Playback International54433Music, old rock'n'roll US show.
4025 kHz8H19Laser Hot Hits54444Music.
6210 kHz8H20Radio Altrex44333Music, cows. On 6270 at 9H10, 41331, on 6241 at 9H30, 42322. Thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz8H47DRP Radio44333Music (Edmond Tanière at 8H50), back at 13H30.
6216 kHz9H19King Shortwaves33222Music.
6377 kHz9H54Radio Dutchwing54433Music.
6302 kHz10H14Radio Condor43333Music (transe), back at 15H23.
6401 kHz10H51???54433Music.
6302 kHz11H13Rammstein Radio43333Music (Rammstein), and verrrrry good jingles.
6310 kHz12H28Voice Of The Netherlands54433Music (dance).
6220 kHz12H32Radio Zulu Delta44333Music ("We will rock you" remix).
6310 kHz13H08Radio Black Power33333Music ("Don't you forget about me"), 54444 later. Too wide, splashing all the band.
6305 kHz14H07DRP Radio43333Music, on 6300 at 14H33, 25 watts.
6310 kHz14H41Grensstad Radio34333Music.
6325 kHz14H57Radio Montecarlo44333Music.
6291 kHz15H03???54444Music.
6300 kHz15H24Mystery Swiss Radio54333Music, via DRP.
6325 kHz15H41Radio Diana42332Music, belgian border ? Interference with Montecarlo.
9290 kHz18H03Radio Waves International55444Music (french).
1636 kHz18H48Radio Zwarte Non43333Music.
1641 kHz18H50Radio Musky Zender33232Music.
1656 kHz18H55Radio Scirocco & Radio Calypso43333Music.
1667 kHz19H07Radio Ethersnuiver54333Music.
1652 kHz19H12Radio Toekomst43333Music.
6925 kHz20H09Spider Radio44444USB, music.
1645 kHz21H03Radio Kristal43333Music.
11092.5 kHz21H13Radio St-Helena13331USB, music (Julio Iglesias, Abba).
1665 kHz21H33Radio Viking43333Music, with Tante Foek.
1645 kHz22H43Radio Barcelona43333Music.

Friday November 14 2008
6400 kHz14H04???43232Music (The Who, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin).
6991 kHz14H12Bank 6933232Music.
6302 kHz14H49Rammstein Radio43333Music (Rammstein). Thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz15H00Condor Radio34333Music (transe).
6325 kHz15H10Radio Quintus54444Music. Thanks for the greetings !
5800 kHz15H51Playback International44333Music.
1640 kHz22H45Radio Barones43333Music. Thanks for the greetings !

Thursday November 13 2008
6306 kHz15H21Rammstein Radio44333Music (polka, Rammstein).
6215 kHz15H28Radio Diana54433Music (pop, "Boum boum boum boum", "Sex and drugs and rock'n'roll").
3924 kHz21H29Radio Fox 4834322Music (polka).

Tuesday November 11 2008
9290 kHz9H28Radio Waves International55544Music.
6305 kHz10H46Radio Merlin44333Music ("Merry Christmas"), 2006 Christmas program with Little Tart, 55444 at 12H01.
6302 kHz12H30No Name Radio33333Music (french), cows say "mowwwwww".
6554 kHz14H49Galaxy Radio34232Music (transe).

Sunday November 9 2008
Marianne Rosenberg, Ich bin wie du, Song , Video
Weird Al Jankovic, Polka Power, Song , Video
6240 kHz8H06Radio Altrex43333Music, cows. Thanks for the greetings !
6307 kHz8H24Radio Zulu Delta32232Music.
6280 kHz8H33Radio Merlin54444Music, Steve Martin.
6400 kHz8H35Radio Freebird International43333Music (rock, Roxette, The Clash).
6216 kHz8H39King Shortwaves44333Music.
6325 kHz8H49Radio Waves International54433Music.
5826 kHz8H55Radio Morning Star32222Music ("The lyon sleeps tonight"), 850 milli-watts.
6265 kHz9H03Premier Radio International43333Music.
5800 kHz9H11Playback International54433Music.
6210 kHz9H19???44322Music.
6295 kHz9H25Cupid Radio55444Music ("Walking on sunshine"). Thanks for the greetings !
6554 kHz9H44Galaxy Radio23222Music.
6540 kHz9H50Radio Brigitte44333Music.
6301 kHz10H03Radio Shadowman55544Music (polka).
6310 kHz10H07Grensstad Radio43333Music.
6377 kHz10H16Radio Dutchwing54444Music.
6254 kHz10H22Britain Radio International43433Music (oldies).
6210 kHz10H35Radio Borderhunter55444Music (Marianne Rosenberg "Ich bin wie du"). Thanks for the greetings !
6390 kHz10H38???43333Music (polka).
6220 kHz10H44Radio Zulu Delta53333Music.
6305 kHz10H55Radio Optimod55555Music ("I love rock'n'roll").
6220 kHz11H44Mystery Radio54444Music. Chris is "live" at 12H00. Thanks for the greetings !
6300 kHz12H19Radio Golfbreker43333Music.
6375 kHz12H20???53333Music.
6305 kHz12H49???54444Music.
6258 kHz12H53DRP Radio54444Music (dance).
6140 kHz13H13MV Baltic Radio55555Music.
6300 kHz13H40???53433Music("Sound of silence" at 14H20), interference with Golfbreker, giving sms number at 14H20.
6400 kHz13H40???43333Music (Boney M).
6266 kHz13H43Radio Scotland55555Music, 300 watts. Thanks for the greetings !
6210 kHz13H57Time Radio ???44333Music.
9290 kHz14H04MV Baltic Radio55555Music.
6246 kHz14H10DRP Radio53333Music.
6210 kHz15H24Radio Cannibal54444Music.
4025 kHz15H54Laser Hot Hits44444Music ("Money for nothing").
6925 kHz20H30Spider Radio24432USB, music ("Every breath you take").

Saturday November 8 2008
4025 kHz7H46Laser Hot Hits44444Music, Sunshine Radio.
6240 kHz8H08Radio Altrex33343Music. Thanks for the greetings !
5800 kHz9H14Playback International55433Music, relaying the italian station Power FM at 9H16. JJ is "live" at 22H34, and at 1H15 too for UFO and USA, with Miss Venusia.
6310 kHz9H21Radio Grensstad34333Music (polka).
6216 kHz9H25King Shortwaves33222Music.
6310 kHz9H39???33222Music, technical problems (frequency moving from 6306 to 6310).
6540 kHz10H34Radio Brigitte43333Music.
6307 kHz12H27Radio Zulu Delta33333Music.
6290 kHz12H28Radio Boomerang54444Music, was on 6300 before.
6377 kHz13H08Radio Dutchwing44444Music.
6312 kHz13H37Radio Alice53443Music, playing Edmond Tanière at 14H05. Thanks for playing my music !
6325 kHz13H49Radio Hamamelis44333Music (polka).
6315 kHz14H07Lycos Radio41331Music.
6215 kHz14H16Radio Cannibal43333Music, Doc guessed the ID !
6310 kHz14H37???41331Music.
6306 kHz15H07???54444Music ("Oki poki").
6300 kHz15H20Radio Golfbreker33222Music.
9290 kHz16H54Radio Waves International55544Music (Renaud & Axelle Red, Popcorn).
1635 kHz19H39Radio Verona43333Music.
3905 kHz19H45Radio Fox 4823222Music (polka), back at 20H50.
1655 kHz19H58Relmus Radio43333Music ("Wild thing").
6925 kHz20H14Spider Radio24442USB, music.
1663 kHz20H32Radio Viking43333Music, Tant Foek is singing.
6220 kHz21H08Mystery Radio43333Music.
6554 kHz21H12Galaxy Radio43333Music (transe).
6991 kHz21H16Bank 6923322Music.
3932 kHz21H29???43333Music (polka).
3905 kHz21H39Bluestar Radio44343Music. Thanks for the greetings !
1630 kHz22H04Anton Radio54333Music.
1655 kHz22H17Radio Barones54444Music. Thanks for the greetings !
1650 kHz22H32Radio Euromast54444Music.
3930 kHz22H50Radio Fox 4833333Music.
3890 kHz23H46Radio Fox 4844444Music.

Friday November 7 2008
6307 kHz11H44Radio Zulu Delta53322Music.
4025 kHz17H39Laser Hot Hits54433Music ("Green tambourine").
5800 kHz18H43Playback International54444Music, 150 watts. JJ is "live" from 21h33 to 23H20, playing "Dancing queen" for Miss Ikea at 20H48, Miss Ikea did a striptease for us ! Thanks for the greetings !
6265 kHz19H51Premier Radio International53343Music ("You make me feel like dancing").
6554 kHz20H06Galaxy Radio34333Music (techno).
6925 kHz20H21Spider Radio24442USB, music.
3905 kHz20H43Radio Boomerang55444Music, playing polka for Dr Tim. Thanks for the greetings !
6991 kHz22H45Bank 6934333Music ("Tainted love").

Thursday November 6 2008
6307 kHz12H57Radio Zulu Delta44333Music (polka).
6300 kHz12H58Radio Merlin55444Music, Radio London record.
6200 kHz14H06No Name Radio42332Music (Jean-Michel Jarre, France Gall), cows are talking. Thanks for the greetings !
6312 kHz14H09Delta Lima Radio Germany54444Music (Abba).
6991 kHz21H20Bank 6933222Music.

Wednesday November 5 2008
5800 kHz9H26???43222Music ("Dancing with tears in my eyes"), maybe Playback.
6200 kHz12H55Radio Freebird International44333Music.
6389 kHz13H20Radio Zulu Delta43333Music, i watt.
6300 kHz14H10Radio Merlin55444Music, Steve Martin's show.
6326 kHz14H29Radio Dutchwing54433Music.
6302 kHz15H04???54444Music (instrumental Abba).
6307 kHz15H13Radio Zulu Delta34232Music.
6220 kHz15H21Radio Merlin33333Music.
3905 kHz18H56Radio Fox 4833333Music ("Dr Tim").
3932 kHz19H40Bogus Man55444Music.
3905 kHz20H45Radio Atlantis International54444Music.
6991 kHz21H05Radio Bank 6933232Music, 43333 at 22H40.
3915 kHz21H09Radio Atlantis International52332Music, 53333 later.

Tuesday November 4 2008
6326 kHz14H44Radio Dutchwing43333Music.

Monday November 3 2008
6240 kHz8H14Radio Altrex43433Music (accordeon, Dixie Aces, Turn Up The Bass Volume 2), cows are talking. Thanks for the greetings !
6201 kHz13H01Radio Freebird International42222Music (Creedence).
6210 kHz13H13Radio Altrex43333Music, cows are talking.
6310 kHz14H12Radio Altrex44333Music ("I have a dream"), cows are talking, playing Edmond Tanière at 14H21.
6306 kHz14H34No Name Radio - Gangster Pirate43433Music (TV Polska), cows are talking, Dr Tim's song at 14H46.

Sunday November 2 2008
Special Miss Venusia Day
Venus (Shocking Blue, Song , Video)
Kiss me (Sixpence None The Richer, Song , Video)
I want you in my room (Vengaboys, Song , Video)
Les Sucettes (France Gall, Song , Video)
6220 kHz7H26Mystery Radio55555Music. Chris is "live" at 13H11 for a rock show, after FRSH. Playing my request France Gall "Les sucettes" at 14H59. Thanks for the greetings !
4025 kHz7H27Laser Hot Hits44444Music.
5815 kHz7H53Orion Radio55444Music("TV Polska"). Back at 14H15 for testing and report to Boomerang. Thanks for the greetings !
6209 kHz8H26Atlantic 2000 International43232Music (Jean-Michel Jarre).
6297 kHz8H40???33232Music.
6524 kHz8H41Radio Ramona43333Music, 44444 later, with a new girl DJ Zinha.
6310 kHz8H45Grensstad Radio43433Music.
6305 kHz8H46Radio Brandaris53443Music ("Movie star").
6324 kHz8H47???33232Music.
6210 kHz8H52???43333Music (rock'n'roll).
5800 kHz8H56Playback International55433Music. JJ is "live" at 20H05 with Maurice Moon, playing France Gall "les sucettes" at 20H26. Thanks for the greetings !
6265 kHz8H58Premier Radio International33333Music.
9290 kHz9H00Radio Waves International55555Music (accordéon, Bourvil).
6291 kHz9H16Halloween Radio54433Dr Blood is "live with scary noises and music, i am afraid haaaaa ! I hear some jingles made by a good friend, haha ! Great Halloween show. Thanks for the greetings !
6220 kHz9H35Free Radio Service Holland55444Music, "live" show, listeners reports.
6280 kHz9H43Radio Merlin54444Music.
6201 kHz10H04Radio Freebird International34232Music (Soft Cell), 44433 later, 4-8 watts.
6300 kHz10H10???55444Music.
6325 kHz10H44Delta Radio53333Music.
6300 kHz11H54Radio Golfbreker43433Music.
6210 kHz12H49Free Radio Victoria24222Music.
6310 kHz13H58Radio Malaisy55444Music.
5815 kHz14H05Radio Boomerang55544Music (Beach Boys). Thanks for the greetings !
3932 kHz15H25Bogus Man44433Music and talking.
6922 kHz20H59Spider Radio24442USB, music.

Pirate Radio
Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio
Pirate Radio
Halloween Song, Video
Sexy Halloween Costumes, Video
Sexy Halloween Striptease, Video
War of the Worlds, Orson Welles, 70th birthday

Saturday November 1st 2008
6250 kHz8H04Radio Altrex43333Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6210 kHz8H31Radio Nordsee International43333World Service, music (rock'n'roll).
9290 kHz9H00Radio Joystick55555Music.
5800 kHz9H01Playback International55433Music, Rocky Horror Picture Show, fantastic ! JJ is "live" from 00H05 to 1H52, with Miss Venusia (Miss Cocker), what a sexy voice, lucky JJ ! Thanks for the greetings !
6320 kHz9H23Radio Caroline Eifel31331Music (rock'n'roll).
6306 kHz9H33Radio Halloween54333Wild animals noise.
6376 kHz13H24Radio Dutchwing54333Music.
6219 kHz13H47Bluestar Radio33222Music, 4 watts, 43333 later, 55444 at 14H56. Thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz13H51Lycos Radio43333Music, from Germany, 54444 later. Thanks for the greetings !
6300 kHz13H59???43333Music (Meat Loaf).
6300 kHz14H08Radio Spaceman ?54444Report to another station .
6325 kHz14H13Radio Montecarlo44333Music.
6300 kHz14H35Radio Fox 4833222Music (Falco).
4025 kHz14H44Laser Hot Hits34433Music.
6305 kHz15H03Radio Bermudadreieck42232Music.
6300 kHz15H27Radio Golfbreker44444Music (german).
3905 kHz16H17Bluestar Radio44333Music ("All you need is love"). Henri is "live" later after 19h, bad conditions but i listened to the great show via webstream. Thanks for the greetings !
3930 kHz16H28Skyline Radio43333Music (polka).
6220 kHz17H34Mystery Radio44444Music.
3924 kHz17H42Radio Fox 4823232Music. On 3923 after 21H44, 33222, 43333 at 22H23.
6922 kHz21H22Spider Radio14321USB, music.
1645 kHz22H40Radio Barones54444Music. Thanks for the greetings !
3933 kHz23H21Radio Fox 4823232Music.

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