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Friday October 31 2008
6280 kHz9H02Radio Merlin42342Music, 53343 later, 15 watts, the new DJ Steve Martin is on air.
5800 kHz18H08Playback International43232Music.
3932 kHz19H38Bogus Man43333Music & talking.
6922 kHz20H22Spider Radio24332USB, music ("It's got to be perfect"), later on 6921.
1655 kHz20H23Radio Barones54444Music (Johnny Cash), playing Edmond Tanière at 21H20. Thanks for the greetings and the french music !

Thursday October 30 2008
6300 kHz15H43Radio Golfbreker42332Music (polka), giving sms number.
6216 kHz15H56???43333Music (polka).

Wednesday October 29 2008
6200 kHz13H43???43232Music (pop in english).

Monday October 27 2008
6298 kHz10H50???54433Music (Glenn Miller, Bill Haley, rock'n'roll mix).

Sunday October 26 2008
6241 kHz7H20Old Time Radio43333Music.
6220 kHz7H21Mystery Radio55555Music.
5803 kHz7H22Playback International55433Music. JJ is "live" at 16H00 with a great show. Thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz7H41Grensstad Radio54444Music (Roy Orbison "Pretty woman" at 8H09).
6280 kHz7H53Radio Merlin54444Music (rap).
5815 kHz7H55Orion Radio55444Music ("Radio pirate" at 9H10). Thanks for the greetings !
6255 kHz8H18Radio Telstar South54444Music.
6265 kHz8H28Premier Radio International54444Music.
6200 kHz8H38Radio Scotland55555Music (AC/DC), Edmond Tanière at 8H52. Thanks for the greetings and french music !
6261 kHz9H02Radio Dr Juice43333Music.
6300 kHz9H04Old Time Radio33333Music.
6305 kHz9H08???55555Music, dutch station testing.
6216 kHz9H12King Shortwaves43333Music.
6302 kHz9H27Radio Dr Juice44444Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6210 kHz9H38Radio Saturnus43333Music.
6306 kHz9H59Radio Brandaris53333Music ("Ghostbusters" at 10H17). Thanks for the greetings !
6305 kHz10H13Radio Boomerang53333Music ("Roxanne").
6325 kHz10H18Radio Dutchwing44433Music (rock'n'roll). Thanks for the greetings !
6540 kHz10H44Radio Brigitte44333Music.
6282 kHz10H44???33333Music.
6285 kHz12H04???33232Music, english program, old time pirate radio show.
6310 kHz12H18Radio Malaisy54433Music (dance music).
6925 kHz12H31DRP Radio55433Music ("Gangster paradise"), playing "Radio Free London" program at 13H05.
6961 kHz12H48???44333Music (Hadaway "What is love").
6140 kHz13H14Radio Gloria55555Music.
6325 kHz13H37Radio Brigitte43343Music.
6300 kHz13H41???43333Music, dutch station.
6200 kHz13H48Radio Freebird International13331New dutch station, testing, sooner was on 6400.
6306 kHz13H56Radio Brandaris54433Music (Iron Maiden), with "secret DJ Aukje", 150watts. Thanks for the greetings !
6385 kHz14H02Radio Face de Blatte RFB54444Music (scotish, bagpipes), 200 watts.

Saturday October 25 2008
Ixi - Der Knutschfleck, Song , Video
5803 kHz6H48Playback International544444Music ("Sweet Jane" at 8H21).
6250 kHz7H19Radio Altrex444444Music ("Roxanne" at 8H34), cows are talking. Thanks for the greetings !
6290 kHz7H35Orion Radio54444Music.
6305 kHz7H53Radio Otpimod55555Music ("Johhny B Good" at 8H00).
6216 kHz8H10King Shortwaves ?34333Music.
6389 kHz8H24Radio Zulu Delta44333Music.
4025 kHz8H29Laser Hot Hits33333Music.
6307 kHz9H11Radio Zulu Delta32343Music (Depeche Mode).
7490 kHz9H25Voice Of The Netherlands33222Music ("Pump the jam"), 55444 after 9H31.
6280 kHz9H43Radio Merlin53343Music (Mi Amigo program). Back at 11H20 55433. Thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz9H46Radio Condor54444Music (transe).
6524 kHz10H32Radio Ramona33232Music ("Born in the USA").
6308 kHz10H41Radio Golf Victor43333Report to Condor.
7310 kHz11H12DRP Radio55444Music (Ixi "Der Knutschfleck").
6306 kHz11H16Wild Man43333Animal noises, the DJ is live from the african jungle.
6210 kHz11H46Radio Saturnus53333Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6325 kHz13H33Radio Lowland43333Music and QSO. 54444 at 13H58. Thanks for the greetings !
6329 kHz13H36Radio Dutchwing43333Music and QSO. Thanks for the greetings !
6325 kHz14H06Radio Montecarlo55555Music (dutch). Thanks for the greetings !
6305 kHz15H55Old Time Radio32232Music, giving email address and SMS number, from Finland.
6265 kHz18H37Premier Radio International53333Music (oldies).
1655 kHz19H23Radio Barones54444Music, playing requests, song for Miss Ikea. Baro is singing ! Thanks for the greetings !
6925 kHz20H36Spider Radio24332USB, music.
6241 kHz21H05Old Time Radio44333Music (Steppenwolf "Born to be wild" at 21H11).
6925 kHz22H42WNKR via Channel Z ?13331USB, music, WNKR relayed by US pirate.

Friday October 24 2008
6307 kHz8H06Delta Radio54333Music ("Relax").
6220 kHz9H08Playback International54333Music ("Shaft"), 25 watts.
6310 kHz12H55Grensstad Radio43333Music ("Veronica").
5800 kHz16H01Playback International33232Music.
6310 kHz16H31???53333Music.
3932 kHz16H55Bogus Man53333Music & talking.
4025 kHz17H47Laser Hot Hits43443Music.

Thursday October 23 2008
6290 kHz12H22Radio Gun Smoke54444Music.
6291 kHz12H44Radio Wild Man on the band32332Music.
6306 kHz13H01Radio Wild Man on the band53343Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6306 kHz13H12Radio Zeelandia53333Music, report to Wild Man & Tornado.
6306 kHz13H42Radio Tornado32232Music, report to Wild Man & Zeelandia.
6310 kHz14H05Voice Of The Netherlands55444Music, 500 watts, AM and test in USB. Thanks for the greetings !
3932 kHz18H24Bogus Man44333Music & talking.

Wednesday October 22 2008
6310 kHz14H13Radio Condor54433Music.

Tuesday October 21 2008
6280 kHz7H54Radio Merlin54444Music, test transmission with low power 15 watts, very good conditions. 55433 at 9H39. 55433 at 11H27. "Live" at 13H10, 54433. Thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz12H37Voice Of The Netherlands55544Music ("Don't worry be happy" at 13H14), 250 watts.
6329 kHz13H30Radio Dutchwing54444Music (Polnaref "Une poupée qui dit non").
1655 kHz18H20Radio Ijssvogel54444Music.

Monday October 20 2008
1645 kHz17H54Radio Armada23232QSO.
1649 kHz17H58Radio Herzog Jan33333QSO, music.
1655 kHz18H01Radio Wilskracht33232QSO, music.
3932 kHz18H34???33232Music (polka).
1655 kHz19H40Radio Calypso43333Music.

Sunday October 19 2008
Special "Miss IKEA" weekend
Ikea Banned Commercials :
Swedish Midsummer, Video
Spaghetti, Video
Pig Farmer, Video
Sex Toy, Video
New Bed, Video
Inga from Sweden, Song, Video
Inga's XXX-mas, Video
5800 kHz6H41Playback International55444Music. JJ is "live" from 18H30 to 20H20 with a great show again, playing french music at 19H30, good conditions 54444. Thanks for the greetings !
6220 kHz6H42Mystery Radio55444Music.
6310 kHz7H11Radio Paardenkracht53443Music (polka).
6307 kHz7H12Radio Zulu Delta43443Music.
6269 kHz7H14???43333Music.
6216 kHz7H34King Shortwaves32332Music.
5820 kHz7H47Orion Radio55444Music, testing, John got technical problems.
6305 kHz7H49Radio Brandaris53343Music (Beach Boys), playing "Dancing Queen" for Miss Ikea at 12H20. Special guest : DJ Aukje at 13H32. Great show till 14H00.Thanks for the greetings !
6280 kHz7H58Orion Radio55444Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6295 kHz8H04Antonio Radio54444Music (german). Thanks for the greetings !
6250 kHz8H10Free Radio Victoria42332Music.
6241 kHz8H25Radio Perfekt43333Music (german).
6540 kHz8H39Radio Brigitte44444Music ("Hit the road Jack" at 8H46), maybe Brigitte.
6210 kHz8H45Radio Likedeeler33232Music (rock).
6200 kHz8H53???42232Music.
6255 kHz8H59Radio Telstar South53333Music, still on air at 16H21, talking in english about old time pirate radio.
6301 kHz9H02Radio Shadowman55444Music (Madonna "La isla bonita").
6524 kHz9H18Radio Ramona34333Music, 8 watts. Thanks for the french music !
6200 kHz9H26Radio Dr Juice43333Music (african), special african show, the apple juice production is over for 2008, playing songs for Miss Ikea.
6400 kHz9H30Radio Scotland53443Music.
6282 kHz9H33Radio Zodiac54444Music.
6266 kHz9H36Radio Scotland55444Music.
6267 kHz10H50Radio Titanic43333Music, Captain John. Thanks for the greetings !
6325 kHz10H59Radio Brigitte44333Music, english, french.
6283 kHz11H04Radio Zeelandia43333Music, giving report to Zodiac.
6300 kHz11H13Radio Golfbreker43333Music.
6284 kHz11H15Radio Scotland55444Music.
6310 kHz11H53Radio Grensstad43333Music, back from 14H16 to 15H16, playing french music at 14H37. Thanks for the greetings !
6325 kHz12H05Radio Grensstad43333Report to Brigitte.
6210 kHz12H13Radio Zulu Delta33232Music (Mike Oldfield), 1 watt, playing "Dancing Queen" for Miss Ikea at 12H25. Thanks for the greetings and the music !
9290 kHz13H43European Music Radio55544Music.
3932 kHz16H31Bogus Man44433Music & talking.
6310 kHz16H34DRP Radio55433Music.
4025 kHz17H01Laser Hot Hits44433Music.

Saturday October 18 2008
5800 kHz6H58Playback International54444Music. JJ is "live" at 20H22, with Miss Ikea, Banana and Johnny Pimms, great swedish show. Grant Benson is with JJ after 21H45. Thanks for the greetings !
6307 kHz7H05Radio Zulu Delta53333Music ("Something is going wrong"), only 1 watt, back at 14H15, 53333. 54444 at 15H11.
6250 kHz7H08Radio Altrex43333Music (Edmond Tanière at 8H46). Thanks for the greetings and the music !
6310 kHz8H25Radio Condor53343Music.
6310 kHz9H27Grensstad Radio43333Music (polka).
9290 kHz9H43Radio City55555Music.
6280 kHz9H53Radio Merlin54433Music. 54444 at 13H20.
6302 kHz10H37Radio Boomerang55544Music, testing antenna.
6310 kHz10H43DRP Radio33232Music.
6300 kHz10H46Radio De Grote Versierder33333Giving report to Boomerang, dutch station.
6302 kHz10H46Wim Amateur33333Giving report to Boomerang, dutch station.
6302 kHz11H01Radio Dr Juice43333Music (polka), cows and other animals noise, 20 watts. Thanks for the greetings !
6307 kHz11H42Radio Boomerang55444Music, testing antenna.
6300 kHz12H52Orion Radio44333Music (polka). 54444 at 13H46. Thanks for the greetings !
6325 kHz13H00Radio Montecarlo54433Music ("Jump").
6305 kHz13H15???54444Music, moved to 6310 at 13H27.
6540 kHz13H41Radio Brigitte34333Music.
3933 kHz14H18Bagger Team33333Music. Back at 15H45 on 3934, 43333 at 17H13, still on air at 21H37. Thanks for the greetings !
6300 kHz14H31Radio Golfbreker33333Music.
6220 kHz14H33Mystery Radio55444Music.
6256 kHz14H47DRP Radio43333Music.
6206 kHz14H49???55444Music.
4025 kHz15H16Laser Hot Hits34433Music ("Soul man").
3940 kHz16H48???44333Music (rock).
3905 kHz17H18???32232Music.
3905 kHz19H32Fox 4833333Music (polka), back at 21H51, 33232.
6925 kHz20H02Spider Radio13331Music.

Friday October 17 2008
6310 kHz14H32DRP Radio54444Music ("Popcorn" at 15H11).
6210 kHz14H49???43333Music (Elvis Presley songs).
5800 kHz17H06Playback International54333Music, testing.
3905 kHz20H16Radio Boomerang55444Music, got technical problems. Thanks for the greetings !
6925 kHz20H31Spider Radio24332USB, music ("Illusion").
3924 kHz21H22Fox 4823232Music.

Thursday October 16 2008
6310 kHz16H36DRP Radio43333Music ("No milk today").
6305 kHz17H54Polaris Radio5333330 watts, music (Two Unlimiteds at 18H01, dutch music), giving email address and sms number.
3900 kHz19H46Polaris Radio4433330 watts, 100 watts after 20H35, music ("Final countdown").

Wednesday October 15 2008
6307 kHz16H25???33333Music (rock), testing.
3905 kHz16H42???33333Music, testing , at 17H40 too.
6925 kHz20H31Spider Radio24432Music (Jason Donovan).
1643 kHz20H33Radio Barcelona23222Music.
4025 kHz20H44Laser Hot Hits44444Music (Vangelis).

Monday October 13 2008
6925 kHz20H34Spider Radio24432USB, music.
4025 kHz20H35Laser Hot Hits33333Music.

Sunday October 12 2008
Special "Banana" day
Banana Video (thanks to Altrex)
6925 kHz6H26Spider Radio23332Music.
6220 kHz6H27Mystery Radio55444Music.
5820 kHz6H28Playback International54444Music. JJ is live at 19H30, with a great show again, playing requests, Miss Ikea was on the chat with us and will be live from the Island of Nowhere next weekend for a special swedish show. Thanks for the greetings !
5805 kHz7H01Orion Radio54444Music ("Don't cry for me Argentina" at 7H11).
6401 kHz7H23Radio Pionier43333Music, 54433 at 11H23, 53333 at 14H27.
6250 kHz7H27Radio Altrex33333Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz7H41Radio Paardenkracht53443Music (Police "Message in a bottle").
6306 kHz7H42Radio Brandaris53443Music (Guns'n'roses), 20 watts. 55444 at 11H43. Thanks for the greetings !
6307 kHz7H42Radio Zulu Delta ?42332Music.
6266 kHz8H06Radio Dr Juice42332Music, cows are talking.
6265 kHz8H14Premier Radio International32332Music.
6281 kHz8H18Radio Dr Juice34333Mr Apple is on air with his famous "apple juice show", music, cows talking. Thanks for the greetings !
6205 kHz9H31Radio Geronimo44444Music (The Donnas at 9H35).
6216 kHz9H34King Shortwaves32332Music.
6540 kHz11H22Radio Brigitte44333Music (Vengaboys "Only kiss when the sun don't shine" at 11H31), still on air at 14H10. Good conditions for this station today, and good music.
6925 kHz11H24DRP Radio54433AM, music, german talking, email address.
6325 kHz11H48Radio Lowland55444Music.
6140 kHz12H00Bluestar Radio55555Music ("Hey Susie"), via MV Baltic.
6260 kHz12H03Delta Radio54444Music (Sabrina "Boys" at 12H24).
6265 kHz12H33Radio Oscar Zulu54433Music (Sexual feeling" at 12H39).
6300 kHz12H35Radio Optimod55555Music.
6554 kHz12H53???43333Music (italian ?).
4025 kHz13H03Laser Hot Hits34443Music.
6325 kHz14H31Radio Lowland53333Music (Shadows), report to Pionier.
6306 kHz14H44Radio Dr Tim44343Music.
6385 kHz14H51???55444Music ("Fort Boyard" theme at 15H27), maybe Radio Face de Blatte.
3904 kHz15H15Bluestar Radio54433Music, greetings to all listeners, very good show, still on air at 21H09. Henri is singing at 21H09 ! Thanks for the greetings !
3932 kHz18H18Bogus Man43333Music & tallking.

Saturday October 11 2008
We are celebrating the "Cow Day"
Milk & Apple Juice for everbody today !
4025 kHz6H42Laser Hot Hits54444Music (The Who).
6255 kHz7H29Radio Altrex42332Music, strong DRM noise.
6240 kHz7H32Radio Altrex43333Moved on this frequency because of DRM.
6250 kHz7H48Radio Altrex43333Moved on this frequency because of another station's jamming... Music (Edmond Tanière's french polka at 8h34). Thanks for the greetings ! (the other is jamming again over him... but the other is too weak)
6307 kHz8H02???32232Music, child voice.
6216 kHz8H06King Shortwave33232Music.
6310 kHz8H24Grensstad Radio43333Music (polka).
6210 kHz8H41Voice Of The Netherlands55555Music (Toto "Africa").
6296 kHz8H53Radio Little Star44444Music ("Little Star").
6310 kHz9H22Radio Condor43333Music (dance music).
6203 kHz9H34???55555Music ("Edelweiss"), technical problems and stopped soon.
6325 kHz9H38Radio Montecarlo54444Music (Boney M "River of Babylon" at 10H).
6310 kHz10H48DRP Radio43333Music (Meatloaf "Anything for love").
9290 kHz11H06Radio Casablanca55555Music.
6400 kHz11H08???54444Music.
6285 kHz14H09???54444Music.
6250 kHz14H44Radio Altrex44333Music (accordeon), and cows saying "Mowwwww Mowwwww". Thanks for the greetings !
6266 kHz15H16Radio Dr Juice54333Music, special "apple juice" show. Thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz16H39Grensstad Radio53433Music.
5820 kHz16H45Playback International54433Music, audio problems at 16H50. JJ is live at 18H07, 54444. JJ is live again after 21H, great show, good music, a lot of fun on the chat with all friends (greetings to "Miss Ikea" ha ha), song Banana Boy at 22H15 ! Special TV show quizz at 22H35 ! Crazzzzzzzy show live from Banana Island haha ! Thanks for the greetings !
6307 kHz17H34???54333Music (irish).
3910 kHz17H41Voice Of The Netherlands54433Music.
3920 kHz17H48Radio Oscar Zulu54433Music.
3940 kHz18H08Radio Spaceman & Delmare55444Music (Pet shop boys). Thanks for the greetings !
3900 kHz18H39Radio Rainbow23232Music.
6925 kHz18H47DRP Radio13331AM, music, Germany.
3930 kHz19H08???54444Music ("The ballade").
6925 kHz20H04Spider Radio44444USB, music.
6220 kHz21H16Mystery Radio55444Music.

Friday October 10 2008
6302 kHz13H01Radio Little Star43333Music ("Little star").
6210 kHz14H17???55555Music ("Tell me why I don't like monday" dance remix version).
5820 kHz16H05Playback International54444Music, test transmission, was on 5815 before.
3905 kHz17H07Bluestar Radio55444Music (Metallica), 100 watts. Thanks for the greetings !
1640 kHz19H52Radio Barones54444Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6792.5 kHz22H59Free Radio Speech13231USB, weak, music and talking.

Wednesday October 8 2008
6312 kHz17H30Radio Alice55555Music, low power (?!) test transmission.

Monday October 6 2008
6255 kHz8H13Radio Altrex33242Music (dance music, accordeon). 44444 later. Thanks for the greetings and the good accordeon music !
4025 kHz17H53Laser Hot Hits43333Music, talking about Alfalima forum.
6925 kHz20H19Spider Radio34443Music (Blondie "Heart of glass").

Sunday October 5 2008
4025 kHz6H51Laser Hot Hits44444Music.
6216 kHz8H10King Shortwaves43222Music (rock).
6260 kHz8H44Radio Paardenkracht54444Music ("It's magic").
6302 kHz8H48Radio Dr Tim44333Music (Jean-Michel Jarre), french show. Thanks !
6265 kHz8H54Premier Radio International43333Music (Jackson 5).
6300 kHz9H04Radio Golfbreker34333Music (polka).
6282 kHz9H06Radio Zodiac55444Music (rock), with Andy Richards.
6291 kHz9H08Radio Dr Tim54433Music, french show.
6300 kHz9H30Radio Boomerang55555Music ("No milk today").
6400 kHz9H34Radio Scotland55454Music, Edmond Tanière's french polka at 9H40. Thanks !
6305 kHz9H39Radio Boomerang54444Music.
6307 kHz9H54Radio Brigitte32232Music.
6220 kHz10H06???33333Music (Edmond Tanière's french polka), 25 watts. Thanks !
6261 kHz11H13Radio Dr Tim54444Music, giving report to Paardenkracht.
6310 kHz11H21Radio Condor53433Music.
6307 kHz11H30???32232Music, interference with Condor.
6305 kHz11H38Radio Mazda54444Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6220 kHz11H54???34333LSB, old time pirate show.
6140 kHz12H01MV Baltic Radio55555Music ("Smoke on the water").
6260 kHz12H21Delta Radio54333Music ("Driver seat").
6375 kHz13H31Radio Rob43333Music (Ram Jam "Black Betty").
6325 kHz13H53Radio Lowland54333Music ("For ever young"). Thanks for the greetings !
6307 kHz16H09???54444Music.
1640 kHz19H22Radio Barones53333Music, french songs at 19H45. Thanks !
6925 kHz20H51Spider Radio14431Music (Suzanne Vega "Luka").
1650 kHz21H08Radio Napoleon54433Music (rock'n'roll & polka). Thanks for the greetings !
1655 kHz21H09Radio Orion Coevorden33333Music (rock'n'roll & polka).
1655 kHz21H51Radio Oldtimer54444Music.
1655 kHz22H18Radio Klein Man54444Music.

Saturday October 4 2008
4025 kHz7H35Laser Hot Hits44333Music.
6240 kHz8H06Radio Altrex32222Music, 35 watts. 43333 later. Playing my french music, Edmond Tanière, at 9H04, thanks !
6216 kHz8H24King Shortwaves43333Music.
6300 kHz8H32Radio Paardenkracht44333Music (country).
6310 kHz8H55Studio 5255433Music.
6285 kHz9H21Radio Scotland55444Music.
6307 kHz9H23Radio Brigitte32222Music. 43333 at 13H40.
9290 kHz9H46Radio Joystick55555Music.
11720 kHz10H00Scandinavian Weekend Radio33333Music.
9770 kHz10H55KBC55444Music.
6280 kHz11H44Orion Radio54444Music. Playing my fench music, Edmond Tanière, at 14H43, thanks !
6310 kHz12H41Radio Condor44333Music.
6205 kHz12H42???55444Music.
6325 kHz14H04Radio Montecarlo54433Music (Boney M at 14H23), testing a new antenna. Thanks for the greetings !
6307 kHz14H29Radio Skywire43333Music (Dire Straits).
6401 kHz14H44Radio Scotland55555Music ("Runaway"). Thanks for the greetings !
6302 kHz14H59Radio Dr Tim53343Special french show, with french hymn, Sarkozy's talking, Carla Bruni's song, Edmond Tanière's french polka. Thanks for the fantastic show !
6325 kHz16H02Radio Paardenkracht54433Music.
3925 kHz18H06Radio Atlantis International55433Music ("Think about you").
3935 kHz18H13Radio Oscar Zulu33333Music ("Born to be wild").
3900 kHz18H20Radio Boomerang55544Music("I just can't get enough").
6925 kHz20H01Spider Radio44444USB, music (Bee Gees).
3901 kHz20H21Undercover Radio23222Music.
1665 kHz20H26Radio Barones43333Music. Thanks for the greetings !
1636 kHz21H25Radio Titanic43333Music (Joe Dassin).
1645 kHz21H53Radio Santana43333Music.

Friday October 3 2008
6221 kHz10H36???43333Music (Carpenters's song).
6306 kHz11H15Radio Zeelandia53333Music (Shadows's song).
6320 kHz11H26Radio Caroline Eifel432232Music ("Rhum & Coca Cola").
6310 kHz14H08Radio Bermuda Dreieck32232Talking.
3897 kHz16H09Bluestar Radio54333Music (AC/DC). Thanks for the greetings !
3904 kHz18H13Radio Boomerang54444Music. Thanks for the greetings !
11092.5 kHz18H14Radio St Helena23332USB, music, test transmission.
6925 kHz20H05Spider Radio34443USB, music.
4025 kHz20H10Laser Hot Hits33333Music (Eurythmics).
1660 kHz21H35Radio Calypso54333Music. Thanks for the greetings !.
6055 kHz21H36KBC55555Music, The Wolfman Jack Show.

Thursday October 2 2008
9290 kHz13H43Radio Spaceshuttle12121Music.
6220 kHz14H30Radio Paardenkracht54433Music (polka).
6220 kHz15H49Baken ? Baggerteam ?54433Music, giving report to Paardenkracht.
6310 kHz15H55Baken ? Baggerteam ?54444Music ("Skatman's world").

Wednesday October 1st 2008
6261 kHz9H29Radio Dr Tim53343Music (dutch, and "Dr Tim"), playing german hymn, french hymn, british hymn and dutch hymn !
6640 kHz12H30Radio Altrex44444LSB, testing.
6635 kHz12H30Radio Altrex44444LSB, QSO.
6310 kHz13H31???55555AM, music ("Life is life", "Tainted love"). USB at 14H.
6307 kHz16H56Radio Skywire55444Music ("Driver seat"). Thanks for the greetings !
6220 kHz18H27Radio Paardenkracht54444Music (polka, Queen).
1652 kHz20H23Radio Napoleon33333Music.
6925 kHz20H29Spider Radio35443USB, music.
4025 kHz20H30Laser Hot Hits43333Music.

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