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Saturday May 31 2008

13° 23°
7H37 : Quite good weather this morning.
21H19 : I can hear a lot of stations tonight. Underground was back last week and is still on air, and now Bogus Man is back too !
6295 kHz7H39Grensstadt43333Polka music.
6290 kHz8H43Antonio53333Music.
6280 kHz9H06Merlin53333Music.
6310 kHz17H29Malaisy54444Non stop music.
5800 kHz19H00???53333Music (oldies).
4025 kHz19H04Laser Hot Hits33333Music.
3940 kHz19H08Underground33333Pirate radio news at 21H13.
3906 kHz19H40Spaceman55444Very strong, low power (!!!), Major Tom & Uncle Benet are "live", great show, good music. Thanks for the greetings !
3932 kHz20H19Bogus Man43333Music, Bogus Man is back, and he likes to talk !.
6925 kHz20H21Spider34433USB, music.
6310 kHz21H05Condor53333Music.
6276 kHz21H06Little Star43333Music.
6307 kHz21H08Eastside53333Music.
3935 kHz21H38???32332Music, covered by Bogus Man and Underground.
6910 kHz21H38Viking Scandinavia22332USB, music, static interference.
6327 kHz22H05???43333Music, spanish or italian, pirate ?
1635 kHz22H22Napoleon33333Polka music.
1620 kHz22H22Black Power33333Music.
1647 kHz22H34Klaas Snoek33333Polka music.

Friday May 30 2008
3906 kHz18H54Spaceman53333Music. Thanks for the good music and the greetings !
6280 kHz18H56Merlin53333Music.
6306 kHz20H07???52332Music, static interference.
6925 kHz20H12Spider33333USB, music.
5815 kHz20H12Telstar South52332Music (oldies).
6275 kHz20H18Boomerang54333Strong, music.
6305 kHz20H40Boomerang55444Very strong, music.
4025 kHz20H43Laser Hot Hits42332Music.

Sunday May 25 2008

13° 22°
6H44 : Cloudy weather this morning.
7H54 : The conditions are good, RFB's signal is 9 +20 dB here.
8H33 : I can hear WRI on 12257, usually I can not.
20H03 : JJ is "live" on Playback, great show !
6220 kHz6H35Mystery44444Music.
6275 kHz6H46Calypso & Scirocco55444Strong, music.
6400 kHz7H09Pionier53333Good signal, noisy, music.
6285 kHz7H17Scotland55444Strong, music.
6380 kHz7H19Face de Blatte54444Very strong, country music.
6307 kHz8H01Brandaris42232Music, interference noise.
6220 kHz8H04Marabu33333Music.
12257 kHz8H10Wrekin Radio International23332Music, talking about listeners reports. 33333 later.
6250 kHz8H42Antonio43333Music ("Macarena").
6310 kHz8H42Condor43333Dance music.
6290 kHz9H21Borderhunter54444Strong, music.
6325 kHz9H57Radio Waves International33333Music (Yannick Noah).
6295 kHz10H02Grensstadt32332Music.
6878 kHz14H16Playback41331RTTY interference, music. JJ is live at 19H57. 55444 after 20H00, when RTTY stopped. Thanks for the greetings and the great show !
3940 kHz18H40Underground33333Music.
6925 kHz18H46Spider33333USB, music.
5815 kHz19H03???53333Music.

Saturday May 24 2008

15° 25°
6H51 : Good weather for the moment. Calypso is strong. The conditions seem to be good this morning.
13H30 : The weather is stormy now.
6275 kHz6H44Calypso54444Strong, music, QSO with Condor.
4025 kHz6H56Laser Hot Hits42332Music.
6310 kHz6H59Condor43333Music, QSO with Calypso.
9290 kHz9H45City55555Music.
9290 kHz11H01Casablanca55555Music.
6400 kHz13H29Pionier42232Music.
6310 kHz18H24Malaisy53443Dance music.
6305 kHz18H25Radio Oscar Zulu53333Music.
6325 kHz18H26Radio Waves International53333Country & french music.
5805 kHz18H33???53333Music, oldies.
6925 kHz18H36Spider33333USB, music.
6220 kHz22H16Mystery53333Music.
6055 kHz22H17KBC55544Music.

Friday May 23 2008
6275 kHz18H25Skywire55444Music.
4025 kHz18H26Laser Hot Hits33232Music.
1665 kHz20H40Barones54444Baro is "live", great show, music. Thanks for the greetings !

Wednesday May 21 2008
4025 kHz20H35Laser Hot Hits43333Music.
1646 kHz20H39Titanic33333Music. Thanks for the greetings !

Monday May 19 2008
6275 kHz15H00Calypso55433Music.
4025 kHz20H28Laser Hot Hits53343Music.
6925 kHz20H29Spider33343USB, music.

Sunday May 18 2008

9° 17°
7H11 : Cloudy weather again, I hope conditions will be better than yesterday.
8H29 : Conditions are good, and there is a lot of stations on the 48 m band.
9H33 : There is so much pirates ! I need other receivers and a third hand !
12H08 : This afternoom the conditions are less good than in the morning, more noise and fading.
6292 kHz7H07Scotland55555Strong, music.
6306 kHz7H08Bonofox43333Music.
5815 kHz7H10Orion54444Music.
6281 kHz7H16Dr Tim43333Music, greetings to listeners.
6875 kHz7H21Playback55444Strong, good music. JJ is "live" at 16H38 with an italian program. Thanks for the greetings and the Carla Bruni song !
6295 kHz7H23Grensstadt43333Polka music.
6272 kHz7H37Paardenkracht54333Music.
6305 kHz7H41Mazda53343Strong, music, interference with stations on 6306 and 6303.
6303 kHz7H43Sallendse Boer52342Music, interference with stations on 6305.
6314 kHz8H10Sallendse Boer43333Music.
6276 kHz8H16Calypso53333Strong, music, interference with Paardenkracht on 6272. Still there at 12H07. Thanks for the greetings !
6524 kHz8H19Ramona42332Music, interference with USB stations. 44333 later.
6241 kHz8H31Perfekt55433Music.
6295 kHz8H41Boomerang55444Very strong, music.
6285 kHz8H42???34333Music ("Reggae night").
6205 kHz8H46Borderhunter55433Strong, music.
6255 kHz8H56Altrex42232Weak, music.
6302 kHz8H59???53333Music.
6265 kHz9H10Free Radio Victoria43333Music, a child is talking at 9H35.
6294 kHz9H22Sallandse Boer53343QSO with Boomerang.
6325 kHz9H27Zodiac54333Music. Thanks for the greetings !
6540 kHz9H32Brigitte44333Music.
5815 kHz9H46Voice Of The Netherlands43333Music ("Final countdown").
6308 kHz9H47Shadowman55444Strong, music (Dire Straights "Sultans of swing").
6310 kHz11H38Malaisy43333Dance music.
6220 kHz11H53Mystery53333Dance music.
6210 kHz11H54???53333Music.
6400 kHz11H55Pionier53333Music.
6300 kHz12H22???43333Music.
6140 kHz12H24European Music Radio55444Music.
6325 kHz12H29Lowland43333Polka music.
6325 kHz14H00Delta54444Music (Queen "Radio ga ga").
6425 kHz14H18Dutchwing33232Weak, music.
5815 kHz17H13Black Arrow33232Music (Cat Stevens "My lady d'Arbanville"). 43333 later.
4025 kHz17H57Laser Hot Hits33333Music.
6925 kHz20H29Spider34433USB, music.

Saturday May 17 2008

9° 19°
7H11 : Stormy weather since a few days, so the conditions are not very good.
21H46 : Borderhunter is strong on 76 meters band. A good show to end a (too much) peaceful radio day.
6315 kHz7H34???33243Weak, music.
6875 kHz16H07Playback43333Music, recorded JJ's show. 54444 at 20H55.
6277 kHz20H38Boomerang55555Very strong 9 +20 dB, music.
6925 kHz20H40Spider33333USB, music.
3901 kHz20H41SW Pirate32232Weak, music.
6265 kHz20H45Premier53232Music.
1620 kHz21H20Farmers from Holland33333Music.
1645 kHz21H22Barones33333Baro is "live", music. Thanks for the greetings !
3910 kHz21H46Borderhunter55444Strong, polka music. Still on air at 23H40 UTC. Thanks for the greetings !

Friday May 16 2008
3906 kHz20H11Continental43333Music, greetings to listeners, interferences due to stormy weather here.
6925 kHz20H32Spider24432Metal music.

Tuesday May 13 2008
6925 kHz20H17Spider24332USB, music.
4032 kHz20H17Laser Hot Hits53333Music.

Monday May 12 2008

12° 27°
7H09 : A May holiday again, maybe some pirates will be on air.
8H19 : The conditions are not as good as yesterday. I got noise on the 48 m band, and deep fading.
6425 kHz7H03Dutchwing43333Music, polka, giving email, deep fading.
6401 kHz7H48Pionier43333Music.
6300 kHz8H00Sallandse Boer53333Music, short transmission.
6275 kHz8H13Royal32232Weak, music.
6268 kHz8H18Altrex32232Weak, music.
6882 kHz8H24Playback33333Music, testing from a new TX location with 30 / 40 Watt.
6295 kHz8H29Grensstadt33232Weak, music.
6281 kHz8H40Dr Tim33333Music, greetings to listeners. Sometimes an other station is covering Dr Tim, with a child making dog noise, saying "allo", and playing piano... Thanks for your help !
6205 kHz9H54Borderhunter33333Music.
3905 kHz17H40???33333Music (kind of hawaian guitarre).
4032 kHz17H42Laser Hot Hits43333Music.
6325 kHz17H43???53333Music.
1660 kHz20H04Viking33333Tante Foekje, music.
1646 kHz20H53Titanic33333Music.
1645 kHz21H00Napoleon33333QSO with Titanic.

Sunday May 11 2008

13° 27°
6H44 : The conditions are quite good again on the 48 m band this morning, with a little bit of fading. A strong religious station on 6105 is very wide, I can hear it on several frequencies all over the 48 m band...
8H48 : I can hear a lot of stations, the most are strong.
9H30 : The strongest signal is Black Foot & Shadowman, 9 +25 dB.
11H50 : I am watching Formula 1 on TV, I will be back on the radio after 13H30.
4032 kHz6H38Laser Hot Hits33333Music.
6882 kHz6H39Playback44333Music.
6275 kHz6H40Alfa Lima & VOTN55433Strong, techno music.
6401 kHz6H54Pionier54333Music (Bruce Sprinsteen "Born in the USA").
5815 kHz7H16Orion55444Strong, music. Thanks for the greetings !
6270 kHz7H29Paardenkracht53333Strong, music, interference noise with VOTN.
6200 kHz7H33Scotland54444Strong, music. Thanks for the greetings !
6262 kHz8H09Altrex32232Weak, music.
6307 kHz8H12Royal32232Noisy, music.
6210 kHz8H44Borderhunter34333Music.
6296 kHz8H53???33333Music.
6307 kHz9H06Black Foot & Shadowman55444Very strong, a little bit wide, covering totally Royal, music (song "Venus"), a child saying "Radio Black Foot".
6254 kHz9H36Britain Radio International23232Weak ,music.
6280 kHz9H52Merlin54444Music.
3905 kHz18H12Antonio43333Music, QSO with Bluestar at 21H15, interference with Boomerang.
3910 kHz20H30Boomerang53553Strong, music, interference with a religious station on 3910 too.
6925 kHz20H37Spider24432Music.
3900 kHz20H57Boomerang55444Strong, music, QSO with Bluestar.
3900 kHz21H05Bluestar43333QSO with Boomerang and Antonio.
1640 kHz21H47Barones33333Great "live" show, greetings to listeners, playing requests. Thanks for Elvis's songs !

Saturday May 10 2008

14° 27°
7H13 : The conditions seems to be quite good on the 48 m band this morning, with a little bit of fading.
8H23 : I am happy to hear some stations, it was very difficult here since more than one month to hear something during Saturdays morning.
13H50 : Good conditions too this afternoom, I hear Orion, and sooner it was Merlin.
17H00 : JJ is "live" on Playback, playing blues music.
19H35 : VOTN and Playback are strong, the conditions are good this evening on the 48 m band.
21H56 : Borderhunter is very strong as usual, good conditions too on the 76 m band.
6882 kHz7H04Playback54433Recorded JJ's show, music. JJ is "live" at 17H00 with a blues music show, 55444 tonight.
6215 kHz7H09King33232Music.
6400 kHz7H11Pionier54433Good conditions, music, identification.
6280 kHz7H20Orion54433Testing, music, closing down at 7H47.
6295 kHz7H56Grensstadt33232Music, polka. 44333 sometimes. Closing down at 8H40.
6296 kHz8H45Dr Tim33232Music, greetings to listeners.
6280 kHz11H42Merlin54333Music.
6280 kHz13H40Orion54333Dutch music. John had to close down at 13H52 because of the hot temperature in the studio, 38° ! Thanks for the greetings !
6425 kHz15H03Dutchwing23232Music, polka.
6305 kHz17H03Bermuda Dreieck21131Weak, I got another signal on 6306.
4032 kHz17H57Laser Hot Hits32332Music.
6275 kHz18H17Voice Of The Netherlands54444Music (Cranberries), announcement for the Sunday show with Alfa Lima..
6925 kHz20H00Spider13331USB, music.
3932 kHz20H23SW Pirate33333Music.
1645 kHz20H39???33333Music (Kim Carnes "Bette Davis eyes").
1655 kHz20H43Spakenburg Amateur33333Music, polka.
1665 kHz21H16Armada23332Music.
3905 kHz21H32Borderhunter54433Strong signal, music, greetings to listeners, playing requests. Closing down at about 23H40. Great "live" show. Thanks for the greetings !

Friday May 9 2008
6882 kHz20H50Playback54433Recorded JJ's show, music.
6330 kHz20H51Premier53333Quite good conditions, music, sometimes RTTY interferences.
4032 kHz20H55Laser Hot Hits43333Oldies.
6925 kHz22H04Spider13331Music.
6055 kHz22H05KBC55555The Wolfman Jack Show.

Thursday May 8 2008
3907 kHz18H35Bluestar53333Great "live show" till at last 22H20, music, playing requested songs for listeners. Thanks for the greetings and the good music !
6925 kHz20H48Spider23332Music.
4032 kHz20H49Laser Hot Hits43333Music.

Wednesday May 7 2008
6878 kHz19H46Pirate Music54433Dance music.
4032 kHz19H47Laser Hot Hits43333Music.
3901 kHz19H47???33232Music.
1645 kHz21H11Barones33333"Live" show, music. Thanks for the greetings !

Tuesday May 6 2008
5805 kHz17H37Telstar South33333Oldies.
3905 kHz18H25Continental54333Quite good conditions, music, good "live" show till 20H35. Thanks for the greetings !
4032 kHz19H28Laser Hot Hits32232Music.
3905 kHz20H44FRM33333LSB, QSO with Bluestar.
3905 kHz20H45Bluestar33333AM & LSB, QSO with FRM and other stations.
6925 kHz20H50Spider ?13331Music.

Sunday 4 Mai 2008

12° 25°
7H45 : Calypso is on air since thursday morning, good job !
8H02 : french pirate Atlantic 2000 International is on 6220, good conditions. Very good show !
11H25 : very good conditions this afternoom for Calypso.
15H40 : Calypso is closing down. Thanks for the 4 days of great show !
6220 kHz7H09Mystery55444Music.
5825 kHz7H12Orion54444Music.
6275 kHz7H13Calypso44232Music. 54444 after 7H45. 55444 this afternoom with 45 Watts. Closing down at 15H40 after 4 days of show. Thanks for the greetings !
6220 kHz8H02Atlantic 2000 International44333Good conditions, via Mystery, music, identification, talking in french and english. Giving news about listeners, Radio Caroline, Big L. Thanks for the greetings !
6220 kHz9H01Mystery44333Music.
6285 kHz9H11Devalon33232Weak.
6524 kHz9H32Ramona23232Weak.
6300 kHz9H56Scotland54433Strong signal, music.
6401 kHz11H34Pionier33232Weak, music ("Anita"). Better 43333 after 12H.
6140 kHz12H08MV Baltic55444Music.
5805 kHz15H43Telstar South44333Oldies.
1645 kHz19H38Titanic33333Music, sms number. Thanks for the greetings !
4032 kHz20H49Laser Hot Hits54333Music.
6925 kHz20H50Spider24442Music.

Saturday May 3 2008

10° 23°
7H27 : Calypso is still on air since thursday, weak this morning, but the band is still closed.
9H02 : I can hear only Calypso, sinpo 44333, good music. The conditions are not bad, I got fading here.
21H17 : Poor conditions tonight, 76 meters band and medium waves are noisy, 48 meters band is closed. I am listening Laser Hot Hits (Radio Jacky Tribute).
21H44 : A strong signal came on 3905 : Borderhunter is on the air, very good conditions.
6275 kHz7H27Calypso22232Weak this morning, music. Better 44433 after 8H00.
6310 kHz7H52Orion23332Weak, music (Jean-Michel Jarre).
9290 kHz9H06Joystick55544Electronic music.
6325 kHz10H33Radio Waves International23232Weak, music.
6925 kHz18H19Spider24442Good conditions, music (Bruce Springsteen "Dancing in the dark").
4032 kHz19H14Laser Hot Hits43333Oldies. 54333 after 21H00.
3932 kHz20H08SW Pirate32232Music (Johnny Cash "Ring of fire").
3905 kHz21H31Borderhunter54433Strong signal, music, Summer Meeting announcement. Thanks for the greetings !
1635 kHz22H05Utopia23332Music, identification.
1645 kHz22H12Napoleon23332Music, identification.
1650 kHz22H20???34433Music ("No woman no cry" at 22H30).
6220 kHz22H25Mystery54333Music.

Friday May 2 2008
6275 kHz7H17Calypso22232Weak this morning, music. I think they are on air non stop since Thursday morning. Better 44444 after 8H30.
6401 kHz8H45Pionier12231Weak, interference with USB station, music and identification.
6325 kHz18H43Premier33333Music ("Black velvet", "Love hurts"), RTTY interferences.
4032 kHz19H32Laser Hot Hits23332Oldies.
1645 kHz20H01Barones33333Polka, oldies, Baro is "live" again, talking about Carla Bruni "la plus belle first lady" !

Thursday May 1st 2008

8° 17°
Sad news today (Infos Dr Tim & franjadx.blogspot.com) :
"I just received this communication from the man behind the Radio Barretina International project. The original is in catalan, as usual.Seems that some PTT man was visiting his home and saying to closing down because the stations was interfering some french maritime station. A new visit on next monday 5, may just at 9 AM is foresseen to put a seal strap on the Yaesu FT-757 GX transceiver.Also,he said that no fine was issued at the moment, because the positive collaboration of the operator. An alternative project must be in the mind of the operator.
Feel free to sent your condolences and solidarity to the well know : radiobarretina "at" hotmail "dot" com
6275 kHz7H05Calypso33333Music (John Travolta "You're the one that I want"). Good live show during all the day, thanks for the greetings !
6310 kHz8H02Orion14221Weak, fading, John is testing a new modulator. Better here after 8H50.
6291 kHz9H24Dr Tim13231Weak, Summer Meeting announcement, music (Jean-Michel Jarre).
6865 kHz11H04Playback24332Weak, fading, recorded JJ's show, music (Enigma "Sade"). Better conditions on the afternoom. JJ is "live" at 16H50, playing requests, but Playback had to close down at 17H08 because of an interference with a strong station on 6860. Anyway thanks a lot JJ for the show and the greetings !
4032 kHz21H08Laser Hot Hits34333Good conditions tonight, oldies.
1665 kHz21H11Armada23332QSO with Metoor and Polkaman, music.
1665 kHz21H14Meteoor23332QSO with Armada and Polkaman, music.
1655 kHz21H16Polkaman23332QSO with Metoor and Armada, music.
6055 kHz21H35KBC55555The Wolfman Jack Show.

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